Job position


Fringe benefits


1, provide competitive remuneration package, each post has a ladder shaped development space, good career planning;

2, company five days eight hour work system, provide a nutritious lunch, turn around five risk one gold, employees get paid vacation;

3, set up rewards for employees with outstanding achievements, contributions and outstanding performance, and implement option incentives for middle and senior managers and technical backbone;

4, staff birthday, the company provides birthday cake, hold a small birthday party, and has staff wedding gifts, birth gifts;

5, the company has seven staff clubs, including basketball, football, table tennis, badminton, swimming, roller skating, yoga and so on, regular activities, rich amateur life, strengthen the body;

6, departments set up activities funds, organize departments' activities on a regular basis, and the company will hold a large-scale event every quarter, including sports meet and outing, etc.

7, we respect individuals, respect knowledge, and advocate "high returns"

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